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Fast 10 Car Guys?


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Just curious to know what's going on with Clints car? He came out of the gates looking like he was going to dominate, but has not finished very well the last couple of races.

Where has LaPaglia been? Did he move up in class?

Who's got the scoop?

B-Dub 1020

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Well , Clints car is bad arse but the builder put the steering rack to the back instead of the front causing way more pressure to the tie rods In my opinion. Clint told me he started with aluminum tierods, then went a little stronger and now he's just gonna go with 120 cm. Hopefully they will hold up now in a long race and the car can finish. Its a very fast car. I heard Mike L was just taking some time off and getting ready for V-2-R but thats second hand info. Me on the other hand , well looking for just a long block 2.4 eco again. Anyone know of one

B-Dub 1020

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Way funny, oh found a long block. Thanks Clint at CBR. The Woodward race products / Blue Betty will be kickin butt soon at either the HDRA Primm or V-2-R. Cant wait to show off our new sponsors and be selling thread lockers, anti-seizes and more. Coming soon!!!!!!!!!