faster riviera driver


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I was discussing with a friend about which of the Riviera TT drivers has push harder the car... not Post.

Rob MacCachren
Jerry Whelchel
Curt Leduc..

Whats your opinion


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you mean on the highway?? or off-road? 'cuz Post was doing pretty good on the highway with red lights in his rear view mirror a couple years back! Yeah, I am partial to Nick Baldwin and Curt LeDuc --- old school crazy speed! Of course, there was nothing like Nick Baldwin in the #99 before it became the NMS #8.


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Rob Mac... All day everyday.
16 car or TT he's consistently very fast!

Jorge Rodriguez

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jerry jerry jerry jerry jerry...springer right.....oh wait, I mean whelchel


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Well, who has the most victories? All of those dudes are fast! King Dave! If he drove a Riviera vehicle, he would get my vote!!!


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well if the ques. was "who is the BEST driver in the riviera truck" the vote would definitely go 2 Rob Mac cause he knows when 2 let it all hang out and when to ease it up...

Now Jerry Welchel is just a mad man behind the wheel... he drives like Robby does out of the seat of his pants and n control

Mac and Welchel have 2 completely different driving styles and that makes both of them the best... cause Mac can get u WINS and CHAMPIONSHIPS while Jerry can do the same... look at wut he did with Chet Huffman

my Vote is Rob Mac... he is the best driver n what ever he is driving!


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Jerry Welchel was ALWAYS on the gas big time. hes is the fastest for sure, but the most consistent and smart driver is RMac for sure....


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Slightley off topic but a friend of mine told me Welchel didn't fit so well in the Riviera TT seat, so he only used a lap belt? That's crazy if it's true. He is way fast, but the proof is in the pudding, Mac!

Dirty Dog

They are all fast. But hands down Whelchel is crazy fast. The 3 riveria movies would be a good deciding factor.


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Rob MacCachren - a consistant fast driver than will get the truck to the finish line.
Jerry Whelchel - a wide open / balls out fast driver. Will get the fastest speeds but the truck might not last.