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On Topic Favorite degreaser


I bought a 1996 Toyota 4Runner and it seems to have 20 years of grime built up on the underside of the engine and also front axel grease from a torn axle boot.

I want it all off. I use Castrol super clean in the purple spray bottle but it doesn't seem to cut the built up grime as well as it does the surface grime.

What do you use or suggest? I wish I wouldn't have taken it apart and could drive it to the coin op pressure washer place.

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Schaffers' "Citrol" is my favorite. You can get it in an aerosol or a bulk liquid.

Beg, borrow, rent a pressure watcher.

Got a putty knife?


I took the skid plates to work and used the hotsy pressure washer on them. I'll most likely be bringing it home with me this weekend

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I use that purple power stuff from AutoZone I used it a lot on transmissions etc you have to spay it on scrub rise repeat. Works.

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