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Justin Kilgore was looking to build an out of the box UTV. Something that resembled a buggy but was based on the Wildcat chassis. Justin liked the wheel base and power the Arctic Cat platform provided but knew he would need to go full custom to turn it into the machine he was dreaming about.

Justin brought the car to Chris Lewis at Lewis Built Performance to transform his ordinary Wildcat into a cull custom dual sport play car. Lewis Build Performance is known for their high quality off-road fabrication and suspension and they know how to make things work in the desert. Chris draws on his experience working for Racer Engineering and other quality off-road race shops. The vehicle build started like most, Justin wanted to start with a dash and console and do some minor bur cool fab work on the cage. Soon the two started talking over ideas and it wasn’t long before the concept of the vehicle swelled into what you see here. Essentially the team ended up building a mini Class 1 race car on a Wildcat chassis. Often times we see comments on vehicles we post and they will almost always have someone who states “there isn’t any RZR left” or in this case “there isn’t any Wildcat left”. Usually we will respond with how much is actually there still but in this case, there isn’t hardly any Wildcat left on this machine. Other than the motor, trans, differential, and EPS this thing is 100% custom and we dig it!

Over 3000 hours of CAD design, welding and fabrication went into building this masterpiece of an off-road machine. Chris assures us this is the first of many bad ass UTVs to roll out of his shop!

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