Feature Vehicle: Turbo Yamaha YXZ 1000R by Benchmark Performance


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When the owners of Mercer Veterinary wanted to build a custom Yamaha YXZ1000R they turned to our friends at Benchmark Performance to help put this amazing build together. We saw this amazing machine and knew we wanted to feature it on UTVUnderground.com so we sent our main man Rusty Baptist over to take some insane photos and bring back the report on this over-the-top 2016 Yamaha YXZ1000R!

The owners chose to build on the Yamaha YXZ1000R platform for many reasons but the main deciding factor was the manual 5 speed transmission. The project started small, with mainly a new custom cage and custom suspension. The build team turned to Lonestar Racing for the roll-cage and suspension kit but just as the parts started rolling in the bug bit and they wanted to do much more. This enthusiasm kept growing, and each time they met for build updates, more items were added or modified from the original plan. Much of this build was done out of passion for performance, not out of necessity.

The owners really liked the flat roof design of the Lonestar Racing cage, and they were one of the first in production, so that drove the decision. They also wanted more power, but at first didn’t want to go turbo. In the end, we Benchmark Performance talked them into turbo because N/A parts were still in development and they didn’t want to wait and / or be the test dummies for new and unproven parts. They were also looking for a big increase in power. They felt the turbo was the best way to achieve this. Benchmark recommended K&T Performance because of their past experience with them based on performance, fit and finish, quality of products, and tech support.

During the build, Tubeworks started testing under-drive transmissions. They called and got on the list as quick as possible. Benchmark recommended the 30% under setup, but the owner wanted the extra low 70% lower first gear. The transmission has a 70% 1st gear and 30% 2nd-5th gear. Tubeworks made it easy to add a trans cooler with their oil flow mods. Their cooler wasn’t finalized so they again went with parts that were proven from the past. Setrab coolers are used on Ferrari, McLaren etc. Benchmark has an oil cooler kit for the 1st generation Teryxs that use Setrab coolers and know how well they work. They mounted the cooler in the YXZ trans tunnel, where it is out of harms way but still see adequate airflow. Even with low airflow, the surface area of the Setrab cooler transfers heat effectively.