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February 2010 - RDC Monthly Giveaway

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February 2010 RDC Monthly Giveaway

Every month you will have a chance to win free stuff from RDC by submitting "RDC Sightings" in the thread below. RDC Sightings are Photos of RDC in real life situations submitted to this forum.

An example would be a RDC sticker placement, RDC apparel worn by someone or anything RDC-ish you can come up with. Be creative.

We collect all submissions for one full month before picking 5 finalists. Then any forum member can vote on their favorite during the following month.
The finalist with the most votes wins that month's contest. This is a non-stop 365 days a year contest as the following month another new contest will start over.

30 Days submission - 30 Days voting on 5 finalists - 1 winner - nonstop

Stickers can be obtained in our online store or for free at trade shows that we are setup at. RDC staff should always have some free for you. Just ask us.

Monthly prizes may vary but should at the very least include a couple RDC products.

Pictures of Ringers Glove stickers/sightings ARE also accepted this month!

February 2010 Prize:

1 Ringers Backpack

2 Pairs of Ringers Impact Gloves

3 RDC apparel pieces of your choice
3 DVD's of your choice in our online store.
This is about $275.00 of free stuff we are giving away.

Winner will be announced in the forum by the end of March 2010.


- Multiple submissions per forum member allowed, but only one of those submissions will be used as a finalist.
- Five (5) finalists will be selected by RDC staff at the end of the month.
- Every registered RDC forum member has one vote.
- Contest entrant is the forum member that posts the sighting, not necessarily any people or property seen in the uploaded photo.
- Submitted photo has to be rightfully yours.
- Past month entries can not be resubmitted until a 6 month period has passed.
- Winner of contest can not cash-out their winnings. You win what we offer, not a substitute prize.
- This contest is open to any forum member regardless of their location.
- RDC does not encourage vandalism. Place RDC decals only with property owners permissions.
- RDC forum moderators are excluded from the contest.
- Winner will be announced here in this forum thread after voting is completed.


I have seen some good photos from Parker with some Ringer's spottings!


I have one but cant enter it, since well I run this site.

Apple Keynotes September 2009 - 35 Minutes 54 Seconds into it.


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Well I guess I'll Submit this time. Pictures were taken during my trip in Hungary
The boy and I looking out the window at LAX

We had a special tour of the Hungarian house of Parliament

RDC and Sex shop go Hand In hand for me!!!

26 hours from Airport to airport+2 hour drive to our house in Hungary+ many Shots of hard liquor and beer on our arrival to Relatives house in Hungary= Passed out

Thai Massages!!!!


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Well I've entered this 4 times now without a win. Maybe I'll take home the title because its my b-day month. WOOHOO

Hey Trent where`s the RDC stickers?I even run them on my quad.
LOL I dont even have any RDC stickers to enter the photo contest, more or less have stickers to put on the race vehicle! If I win one of these contests I am sure I will get a load of stickers with the prizes and then you can see them on the truck.

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