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Looks like this season is going to be interesting. Hey WRC- With "The Englishman" gone and Tommi joining the team, How do think Suburu will do in the Manufacturers points? Looks like Ford will give it another run with the two top guns still on board.


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Its going to be a close season, but then in WRC it usually is. I’m watching the results of the race stages as they happen and Tommi has had no problems adapting to the WRC Subaru, he is the overall leader after 5 stages…… but then again, just like in off road that can change real quick too!

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Although I have much respect for Delacour, and Alister McRae isn't too shabby, I don't look for Mitsubishi to figure in the points. Subaru will be tough if Solberg can keep the dirty side down. Tommi speaks for himself. Ford has two solid aces. But, I have to say that Peugeot has two of the best. Two recent world champ's; plus Panizzi on the pavement. The rules have changed for 2002. Now the mfr's don't have to "nominate" which drivers will earn mfr's points; it's simply the top 2. This will make Peugeot the toughest of all.

Add to all of this Citroen. If they were doing all 14, they'd be my pick; in spite of this weekends engine prob's.

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I heard MacCachran is pulling out the old Lowrider Ford, trying to claim his 23rd championship in a totally different sanctioning body. MacCachran stated " I'm looking for something different in my life, and this is it, with snow, dirt, tarmack, etc, plus i get to see europe. When I get the Venable Racing Ford in the winner's circle thats when its going to pay off".