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Fiber Glass


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With the Iron Man Stewart Kit, does it come with a hood, front fibers and bed sides or just the hood and front fibers? And would it be better to instal all the fiber myself or get a shop to do it?


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im not sure what the kit comes with but im assuming you want bed-sides too and those are the hardest to install

i volunteer to do all the work for you if you want

how ironic is it that most people slow down for speed bumps yet almost all of us here im sure pin it


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The Ivan Dan kit for the toyota comes with hood and front fenders, a Ivan Dan kit for the rear bedsides is also available. You will need to buy hood pins in order to use the front glass, and if you have a 4 wheel drive you will need to buy the 2 wheel drive side markers too. I put the front glass on myself on my toyota without too much trouble, you could probably do it too if you are mechanically inclined. I could help you if you are cute!!! I am from escondido, you should talk to Mike at Baja Concepts, he will help you with whatever you want.


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How much if she's ugly?



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got my ivan glass fron DUFFCO for $519 with pins. Best price I found. fenders are simple to install. Hood required a little work, no too bad. Pinned hood just make checking the oil a BITCH!

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