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FiberwerX Shakes It Up At The 2009 Off Road Expo

What a weekend, what a show! The Off Road Expo is a true gage that exemplifies what is going on in and around the off road community. It is great to see the industry thriving despite the hard economic times that the country is experiencing under the current recession. So many companies continue to step it up and show off their new developments, display project vehicles, and network with enthusiasts. Even with the Powder Puff Race taking place during the same day, the expo saw good crowds and a constant buzz of people excited to be there.

The Off Road Expo offers a platform for the FiberwerX Brand to flex some muscles and share our success. Each year as the company grows, FiberwerX is proud to state that we have increased our presence and influence throughout the show. Going bigger and better each year posses a difficult challenge to top our previous effort. The creative team that drives the FiberwerX Operation, began planning the action months before the Expo. Brian Binkert from Bink Designs has been instrumental since he started with the company and his influence is quiet apparent in our day to day operations. Coordinating the booth displays and layout, to the fliers and marketing material, Brian has his hands in all aspects and promotions.

This year’s Expo presented hundreds of high performance off road vehicles and many of those cars were outfitted with our Off Road Fiberglass Products. FiberwerX is proud to maintain stable relationships with the industries finest vehicle builders and retailers. As the off road industries top manufacturer of custom designed body panels, quality and customer service is our #1 priority. We are stoked to add Simon Perez as a full time sales rep. Simon a true off road racer is great shock guy and has over 10 years of sales experience from his time at ORW.

Besides some sexy off road cars on display including a Raceworks Designed Trophy Truck PreRunner, and the #34 Trophy Truck, we had six classy FiberwerX girls working the show and driving more traffic right to our booth. Once there, our guest had the opportunity to get behind the wheel of the very cool Extreme Motion Simulator. This thing is real deal and a lot of fun. Pretty much blows the Baja Bully Dog Simulator out of the water. The Extreme Motion off road Simulator had a line of people waiting to try it out all weekend. With nearly 360 degrees of movement and a 37" flat screen, the driver sits in a vehicle cockpit and feels real movement & motion of the car flying through the air, side to side, up & down, forward & backwards, depending on the vehicle control in the game. Playing Dirt with the mechanics and electric actuators was really a whole new experience on the Extreme Motion Simulator. FiberwerX arranged a promotion where the weekends fastest driver won $200 in FiberBucks. 1:50:02 was placed by 14 year old Carson Humphries who came all the way from Baja North in Canada for the show.

One vehicle that was absent from the show was the FiberwerX built San Vicente Class 8. Ricardo Sanchez was racing down at the Record San Vicente 200. A really great event was had by all participants but Ricardo had the best day taking the overall win in the Ford Class 8.

See every one next time.