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Field Trip at the Wizard School


Last night students went on a field trip to nearby Porter Race Cars (PRC).

PRC is an offroad racecar manufacture that has crafted winning race-cars over the last couple of years. Just in time for the 2006 Baja 1000 they delivered a new mid-engine Trophy Truck for Jesse James (TT54) and in a couple of weeks Jeff Kincaid will debut his new Porter built front-engine Trophy Truck at the BITD Parker 425.

President and Head Fabricator Danny Porter showed the Wizard Students around the shop to explain and demonstrate the design of suspension components on real race cars. Students interacted and asked countless questions about the ideas behind what was shown. Needless to say the craftmanship was beyond any students skill-level and it was inspiring for most to keep practicing what is being taught in the Wizard School.

The tour gave for a priceless opportunity to hang out in a modern fabrication facility and talk to the people behind it. No answer was left unanswered. Danny also shed some light into his employee screening and what it would take to work for him. He complimented the students skills and it was clear that lot has been learned so far in the school.

Top Notch Fabrication is an art and to be one of the best takes lots of practice. The Wizard School offers some of the skills needed to get started. The Field Trip to PRC showed what is possible in the world of Metal Fabrication.


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