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John Bitting

Any fiddy experts gonna be out at MDR on Friday? I cannot get my bike to idle properly and it unrevs real slow when I open it all the way up and let go. This makes for hard shifts and wheelies going into second. I put the BBR throttle kit on it and have had the problem since. Thank you in advance.


not a fiddy expert but it kinda sounds like the throotle tube/body is sticking. if its like a 250 throttle tube it might be because you have over tightened it. everytime i hit the dirt on the the throttle side of my bike it sticks or is slow to unrev. i usually just loosen the bolts holing it on and it un sticks and works fine after that...might help but it might not.



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make sure the cable isnt kinked or bent cause sometimes that will cause the cable to bind...just a shot..

the faster i go the smother it is


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I had a similiar problem with my fiddy. It reved up to high rpms and stayed there, so when you shift between 1st and 2nd it would pop wheelies.The problem was that the gasket between the carb and the manifold was blown so outside air was coming in.

Greg J.