Final gear ratios?


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in our chupakabras (ford explorer class3) we are running a ford 4.o sohc, ford c4 transmission and ford 8.8 on the rear with 4.56 gears, 33" tires,. in first gear your able to hit 40mph at 5k + rpms, 2nd gear 60 to 65mph and 3rd gear 80mph at 4000rpm,.
i think we are out of range there,. if the avg speed for a class3 is 30 max 40mph, and this engine has the best torque and hp around 3000 to 5500 rpms, its really rare to use 3rd gear unless your on the highway, haha,. so,. i dont know, i was thinking about putting higher gears on the rear, well, its a 4x4, we have dana 35 upfront,, the tallest gear available is 5.13 for dana 35 and ford 8.8, , so, looking at the charts, it says that with that gears we could rise like 500 rpms , its that enough?

whats your combo, gears vs tire size,. thks.

here is a test,
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We race 7s also with a mild 22r, on 33 in tires and we have 529 gears with a 5 speed and even then we rarely toutch 4th. so i would go lower than 456 thats for a street truck not a race truck where you want to be in the power band all the time in each gear. If you have the money i would try a 5.00 gear in the rear, test it and if it feels good then swap the front gears out. that way you dont get stuck with buying too many gear sets.