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Final thoughts and thanks DAKAR 2017


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MCH always does an awesome job!

Brutal year on the support crews for sure, cold and dry are one thing but cold and water logged are another and then there is the altitude.


And if Marcin says it was tough to photograph, I know it was tough...guy spends weeks/months at altitude covering ski expeditions in the Himalayas and elsewhere, never seems to tire and has a great attitude. My life is richer for having gotten to know him in Morocco...


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And there you go...

Marcin Kin in his blog about Dakar'17

MCH photography

You all should simply read it.

A well-known media person covering many many many events per year and his 6th Dakar.

And he is not a happy chappy. Valid points on there too...


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"Those were just some examples why it was the worst Dakar ever, at least for us, but believe no one from the competitors enjoyed 2.500 kms of stages (with some speed zones) and 6.700 of liasion."

Curious how that mileage compares to past Dakar. In South America as well as Africa.

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Note that MCH is Marian Chytka, not Marcin Kin. Although they do work together occasionally.