Finchum - Glen Helen Baja Cup - Trophylite Video


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[ame=""]YouTube - TROPHYLITE Finchum Offroad Racing Glen Helen Baja Cup 2009[/ame]

Thanks to for supporting our in-cab camera.

This was a great race that Glen Helen put on as our 3rd round in the Trophylite General Tire 2009 series.


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Awesome Video! Thanks for sharing!!


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Great video...nice job out there!....looks like that first turn got a hold of your hood


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So thats what happened to my rear fender on the start...........
Great Video thanks for sharing.


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Funny, 2 of the 3 people that respond are the ones that we have taken out the rear fender. See the video below for our run in with Jenkins.

Maybe we should start buying extra right rear fenders and handing them to you guys at the end of the race.

[ame=""]YouTube - BlueWater GP 2008[/ame]


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Great vid Ryan--you guys were hauling
TROPHYLITE races are the best


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Nice footage.. You guys were gettin it!


That is an awesome shot!

E-mail me some of the others you showed us after the race so we can buy a few.