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Firestone wheels


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I was digging through storage and found a set of 5 spoke steel 15"x10" Firestone wheels that were on a 71' I purchased 30 years ago. I've searched for any info on them but there aren't even any pics of them I've found so far. Firestone is punched in every wheel along with them being gold with no other colors underneath. Has anyone seen any of these wheels anywhere? I could be wrong but I think Mears or someone else ran them in the 70's.I want to sand blast them,fix some of the lug holes that have been ovaled and maybe narrow them to 8" and powder coat unless Rory or someone needs them for a Honcho restoration.


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Leduc swap meet material for shure SOMEBODY out thier would kill for them I sold a set of jackman steel crusty azz white spokes for $600!! With 2 guys out bidding each other That was 12 years ago.