FIRST OVERALL! We finally did it!


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Aug 23, 2001
Escondido, CA
Well, we finally did it! FIRST OVERALL and first in class 1 at the TT250 in Henderson. It feels soo good to FINALLY get it! And to cap it off with the other half of our team getting 2nd in class 10 after a year full of problems! CONGRADULATIONS to Chuck Hovey and Martin Christensen and our entire ALLWAYS RACING team. Some of us have been waiting several years for this victory and couldn't have done it without the whole teams effort! Those of you who know us and our team, we've had our ups and downs and more than our share of problems. We've paid our dues 10 times over and have almost been there for the Win several times, when all of the sudden !@#$%. Thats what makes this Win so sweet. Our class 1 car is doing 17 races this year so our schedule is VERY tight and our preps are very intense to say the least. So on behalf of Dean and Charlie Hovey, THANK YOU to everyone involved!!!!!!

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Apr 1, 2001
Yucaipa, CA
Congrats.This is a well deserved win for you guys. And the best part is you beat all of the local boys too.


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Dec 6, 2001
San Diego
This is out o the Imperial Valley newspaper:

Hovey wins first SCORE Terrible 250


BLACK MOUNTAIN, Nev. — Chuck Hovey wheeled his class 1 racer into the winner's circle, took off his helmet and let out a lung-clearing whoop.

"Finally!" he exclaimed.

The off-roader from Escondido, who said he learned how to race in the Imperial Valley desert, had just exorcised some personal and mechanical demons by "finally" winning a SCORE race, Saturday's inaugural SCORE Henderson's Terrible 250, "the richest off-road race in the U.S."

Hovey had never won a SCORE race in four years of trying, according to Dominic Clark, SCORE spokesman.

He'd dominated plenty of races staged in desert badlands near the Valley's Plaster City, but at SCORE races something disastrous would invariably happen. He'd get close but he wouldn't win.

Hovey said it feels good to break through. He took home $10,000 for the Terrible 250 win.

"This is the best day of my life," he said.

Then, he took a big drink of water and tried not to throw up.

The Terrible 250 was staged in the desert south of Henderson's Black Mountain, about 15 miles south of the Las Vegas strip.

Temperatures in the pits pushed 121 degrees.

While a lot of racers running the Terrible 250 shared driving duties with a partner, Hovey went it solo.

He said he was so dehydrated on the final lap of the five-lap race that he was dry heaving.

In the three minutes it took him to drive from the finish line to the winner's circle, the racer said he'd downed three bottles of water.

When Hovey climbed out of the roof hatch of his single-seater, he stood on top of the buggy, arms raised in a "V," clenching a water bottle in one hand and a bottle of Gatorade in the other.

The throng of race fans surrounding his burnt orange buggy cheered the victorious underdog.

When Hovey hopped to the ground, a member of his pit crew said, "We have to do this right," and Hovey was drenched in a shower of bottled water.

For 4 hours and 41 minutes of racing, Hovey battled the heat, a course that many racers called rocky and tough and the Herbst Gaming-sponsored class 1 truggy — a half-truck, half-buggy — the Landshark.

For most of the race, the match-up of Hovey vs. Landshark wasn't fair.

The big-money two-seating truggy that's painted to look like a shark had around a six-minute lead after three laps of racing.

Hovey remembered his crew chief Jim Shannon telling him to try to keep the shark within five minutes or something might happen.

While cruising with a comfortable lead, something happened to the Landshark.

"Everything fell apart," according to the driver at the time, Troy Herbst of Las Vegas.

"Everything" included a power steering problem, a pinion falling out and the truggy's body steadily chipping off during the race.

At one pit stop, the Herbst Gaming crew removed what shark skin hadn't chipped off yet.

The Landshark limped past the winner's circle, stripped to its roll cages.

Hovey said, "Heat got him."

He said he managed to avoid getting himself into mechanical difficulties by running a smooth race in his Chevy-powered buggy.

"My crew chief told me to take it easy," he said.

After his celebratory drenching, Hovey was asked if he'd still come down to race in the Imperial Valley now that he has a SCORE win under his belt.

"I love it out there. I'll never leave there. I learned everything I know about racing out there," he said.

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