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i know there was other races before cause ive seen pics of me as a little kid at races, but my earliest memory of a race was the mexicali 250 in 78(i think) i still have a patch from the race somewhere..


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Mine was the 1980 MINT 400. A friend and I went down to Vegas and spent four days having a GREAT
time. I was 18 and he was 19. Those were the good old days!!!

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My first real offroad race was I believe they called it the Nissan 400 in 92.A year later I bought the truck that I went with.The truck I raced for 7 years was oraginally built by Darren York back in the mid 80s I was the third owner.I started out just pitting and helping in the garage next thing you know I was buying parts so we could finish a race then I was co-rider shortly after that i started buying the truck the first race I drove was the first race we won Ridgecrest Cal 200 in 93. The following year I won my first Championship in La Rana and repeated the year after that.I`m hooked I love Desert Racing.Bill