first steps to racing


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i am planning on getting into racing in this next year and i thought it would be cool to hear how everyone else got started. how did you get to were you are now? what class did you start in? how did you get the funds? just things like that. ok thanks


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im starting out in the prerunner class. but i got into that by making friends and helping pit for teams, showing up to all the races. i think most people get involved in some of the cheaper classes first, like beam-cars and baja bugs. not everyone starts off in a trophy truck or class 1.


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You got to love racing enough to invest the time and money. Its best to partner up with someone else you can trust and have a partnership. A class nine or 5-1600 might be good to start with, Someone else asked the same question a few months ago , you might want to search for it.

One thing you got to remember, desert racing is a hobby for most of us, there not many of us who make a living out it. Unless your name is Ivan Stewart or Curt Leduc. You might notice many racers own their own business, it does take money, thats the hardest part of every race.



two words "Seat Time".

Both left and right side.

1) Find a top racer and get some right seat time with them. You'll know right away if you can do what they do. Also, get involved with that team (pits, prerun, crew meetings functions, etc.) so that you gain a solid understanding of how a winner runs their show.

2) Secondly, get a decent prerunner and get out in the dez as much as humanly possible. Run on known courses in the US and Baja. Do that for a year or so, then enter the same car in the MDR, SNORE, BORE or MORE prerunner class.

3) Be prepared to make this your only endeavor outside of work and family. It really takes an huge amount of dedication to be a winner.

** Try and do #1 and #2 at the same time.

You will have tremendous fun and shuld be ready for the Pro classes after one year.

Best of luck!


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You might want to hook up with your Hawaiian brothers the Pfleugers. They got started in motorcycles and look where they're at now. Helps to own car dealerships but I'm sure they're a great local source of knowledge.



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Pats right , get in the dirt as much as possible, learn all the different types of you'll see at races. I've spent hours in Matomi wash learning how to handle deep sand, just to get confident, I've also paid attention while watching videos of rolls, just to see what caused it and how it could have been prevented. Sounds crazy but all that little stuff helps!!


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Go to lots of different types of races and keep an open mind. I learn something from every single event I watch (Except maybe lawn mower racing). MX, BMX, Go Karts, Autocrosses, whatever. I don't know of many teams that won't answer just about any question you have if you just take the time to smile and ask.

The easiest way to get into racing is surround yourself with people who are already doing it. It's WAY easier to get hookups on testing, co-rides, etc. and it also gets you in the circle for parts and help/ideas and knowledge. Hell, I've given complete strangers rides at Prairie City when we were testing, and they never would have gotten that experience without having the balls to come into our pits and introduce themselves. Mine's no trophy truck, but they were driving a crawler-type prerunner and I don't think they went over 5 mph all day in that thing. Every single one of them said it was by far the coolest thing they'd ever experienced.

Get out there and enjoy! The more you experience it first hand, the better off you'll be when you make a decision on which way to go racing. It's a lot like marriage... You'd better live with the hag day in and day out for a while before you cuff yourself to her.

Good luck!


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I got started through our trips to Pismo and the Sand Drags as a kid. Then I saw the movie Dirt, and saw what Desert racing was. It seemed a lot more challenging than just running around the dunes and the sand drags. As I got older, being away from the center of this sport(norcal) I started looking for things that were offroad related. Had my parents take me to VORRA shortcourse races at Baylands for my birthdays, stuff like that. Read all I could from Dusty Times, SCORE News, On-Dirt, etc...And Hot VW's was my Savior. One day I saw a little Toyoat Pick-up that said ORB offroad racing on the freeway. In Santa Cruz! I looked in the phone book and sure enough, there was a welding and fabrication shop called ORB in town. I rode my bike over and saw them working on a Class 5 car. I talked to the guysand became a pest and eventually I got to start working around the shop. They were racing a 1/2-1600 at the time, so I started going to the races with them. It just balooned from there. I think finding folks who already do this and hooking up to go to races and getting involved with them is the easiest way to do it.

good luck


Damn Seve! I didn't notice the "hawaii" loc identifier.

In Hawaii they call tube framed cars, "pipe buggies". I used to see them by my house when I lived in Kahaluu and also on Kaena point.

Pfleuger owns Pflueger Honda, the first Honda car dealership in the US. I think he purchased Sandy Brodie's Honda MC dealership as well, out in Waipahu.

I believe that Alan's ancestor, JC Pflueger was one of the first westerm merchants in Hawaii back in the mid 1800's. That endeavor later became the AMFAC corporation which was a large real estate and agricultural deal. Not sure how it all played out. The closest high rise to the Aloha Market center and Aloha Tower (as seen in countless Hawaii Five-o episodes) in downtown Honolulu is the large AMFAC building. My offices were across the street for many years.

Anywaze boltonbros, maybe you could tap Alan to help start a buggy race and course out at the Hawaii Raceway Park. I'd think he still has contacts in that endeavor too.


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when I moved to lancaster my neighbor had two cars I started helping them with the truck and after investing about $4,000.00 to help make it finish races they decided they wanted to sell it and go race superlites at MTEG so I bought the truck.the first two years we won the LaRana 7s championship. now I get to prep and drive two awsome class one cars and maybe a truck soon Thanks to my new partner Scott Martin