First trip of the Season: Spangler

Lee Vining

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Mostly mild days last week. A relaxing stay so driving the trails was a bonus.
Over a 10 day stay we had to run the RV AC twice. I parallel'd two Honda 2200's and they ran the RV AC fine. Even combined running they swallow much less fuel than the house generator. Once the AC starts up I put the AC on full cooling and the generators on on econ mode and they purr all day on hardly any gas. Can't hear them either. I did that just to see if you could do that. Yeah, ya can.
At night just open the windows.

All camping areas open that we could see - less that 20% taken by visitors on the weekends.

A film crew recording Ford SUV commercials was in the vicinity.
One evening after they "wrapped" the film crew guys all went to their rooms in Ridgecrest, the film crew girls all went to the Joint Bar. Neil opened it up special for them.
That was a fun night. Chiseled and beautiful women. No pix of them.

The General Store is open Fri, Sat and mornings on Sunday.
The Joint Thurs Fri Sat and Sunday 11 to midnite or later.

The Texaco Gas station on the nearby 395 is usually 80 cents to $1 per gallon more than in town but this trip they were about 20 cents per gallon more. Diesel price usually average like the rest of the county. Read that: Usually and hold that thought.



Wife collecting 7 bags of trash:
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