fixed steves shock problem


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May 3, 2001
Its been a while since I posted but my new job leaves me no time steve bought SAW 2 tube bypasses for his truck just before the sand blast we made hoops and the worked really well but as we closed the tubes just a hair the shocks would become WAY to stiff and im talking only 2 turns. well we found out that SAW put a .062 washer on the wrong side of the valving stack almost blocking off the comp dampning so Jerry Penhall helped us out and changed the valving around and removing all the bleed screws,not talking trash on SAW cuz they work great now just some shop info in case someone else bought some bypasses with the same problem we just got back from barstow and the rear works really well for only 16" of travel, Camburg let us borrow a Light Force HID to test its a good light cuz the transformer is in the light it self but the light is like 12" around so on a midsize truck it might be to big well im going to bed talk at everyone later if anyone has ?'s talk to Steve I dont see a computer much anymore....Mike

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