hey everybody.

I found RDC by talking to friend in the racing community as I was looking for parts? vehicles a couple years ago. I have been interested in/participated in this wonderful sport since the age of 10 (1989) and like the rest of you, call this a passion. you know, those of us that do this for the love of it all, not the money or the popularity! (ha!!!) I have been a check-point official for SCORE/BITD (this is how I got started. thanks dad and uncle bob!)and also part of the pit/chase crew for a 1450 team in MDR. also when time and money permit I race a bike at the local track in anza/cahuilla creek. other than that I just ride dez at my own pace to explore. I have owned a few vehicles, wished for more that I can't afford, but I love every minute of my desert experiences. hope to make a few friends along the way and learn a little in the process!