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Flowmaster Muffler

I am looking to put a Flowmaster series 40 DeltaFlow muffler on my F-150 with a turn down (no exhaust out the side). Will this cause a problem when it is smogged? I know that the muffler wont change any of the CARB stuff or emissions but I heard that if a smog check place can't easily put the sensor into the exhaust pipe, they can fail your visual inspection because the tail pipe needs to be visible. Anyone have any experience or suggestions? Much Appreciated!


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It's possible. The best thing is to find a local smog test shop that aren't sticklers to all the beuaracratic rules. I go to the carwash down the street from my work, they have a smog test center and they aren't concerned about the visual. If it passes on the computer, it's all good. On my last truck they had to climb all the way underneath it to test the pipe.
Thank you for the input..I have been trying to figure out where I want the exhaust pipe. I would rather use a turn down than stick the pipe out the side. It's cheaper too!




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I had the same set up on my ranger. One place would not crawl under my truck to stick the probe in. I just got an extension that I clamped on. Once it got smogged, I pulled it off. Took all of two minutes. Good luck. It seems it is all up to the individual smog check station


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Having to get your vehicles smogged by the man must really be a bummer. The only "visual" my truck has to pass is my own!

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Careful now, lumping the entire state of AZ into that last statement can result in erroneous data. The great County of YUMA has not ever had nor will it ever have smog testing, I can assure you. You can hear the freedom from the roar of my daily driver! (headers into 6" glass packs into 4" turnouts, into the atmosphere)

Let the freedom ring baby!

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it will for sure pass smog cuz my bro did the exact same on his truckwith just a turndown and they passed him just like a month ago but it is up to the techie guy

but if you raise the truck you can see it anyway right


Junior, thast is not fair...us AZ boys can not talk smal like that...

orginal poster...keep this in mind...talk to the inspector first... tell him what is up and what your concerns are...tell him you run flows etc.
Most likely he wants your biz. Tell him what is up ahead of time and he will pass you. he wats your business.

money talks b.s.w.


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Hell Junior you drove open headers to work for a couple of years did'nt you.
This is smog related... I register all of my vehicles in South Lake Tahoe... it's in California and they require no smog checks for registration. When it's time to re-register your car or truck, NO SMOG is required. As long as the vehicle is currently registered in California, you can transfer the registration to any address in the Tahoe basin with NO SMOG TEST REQUIRED. Here's why...

Change of Ownership Areas: These more rural areas of the state require emissions testing only when a vehicle changes ownership or is registered for the first time in California. Check out this map - find a town that is a "Change of Ownership Area" only and register the vehicle there. Never deal with a SMOG check again.



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I guess I could allow a few of you to register your trucks using my address for a small processing fee but you dudes would get in trouble for driving around with AZ plates. Not to mention the daily abuse and lack of respect you would get during your commute.

And yes I was know to have driven a few years without exhaust at all. I lived only a mile from work however.

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I live in San Diego, CA and have a PO Box in the far east county where they don't require you to smog your cars. So everyone in my family has their cars registered to the PO Box. No more smogs for us. You just have to find the rural areas which don't require them.