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Fluidyne oil cooler


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Hi gang
I just purchased a Fluidyne oil cooler, with the fan
Im replacing an original "Rapid cool" oil cooler
(you veterans may remember these, this thing could
almost be considered an antique!)

Anyway im told NOT to mount the fluidyne rigid to my buggy chassis
It my twist & break the cooler

Im familiar with a rubber mount the McMaster Carr sells,
basically its a round rubber thing with a threaded studs protruding
from end to end, but i hear these can also fail if mounted in the "shear position"

Im open to suggetions as to whare to get a better rubber mount
for this cooler
Thanks in advance

El Chinero

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The bonded stud types certainly can shear ... and often do.

Try this site for high(er) tech mounts


what you want is a multi-piece unit with a through-bolt that, in the case of grommet wear, would still retain the cooler ... "fail-safe", as it were.

I would also check out motorcycle equipment mounts ... like on XRs ... they have, in the past, used necked grommets with an nternal steel spacer which can be torqued -- very important -- without crushing the grommet.

(I am not remotely near my XR at this itme.)

TT de GA

Tony T
El Chismoso


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hmm, haven't heard that.. I run the Fluidyne single core on my 10 car and have bolted in directly behind mine and the co-passengers head vertically... it is rock solid and has never moved or stretched out the mounts at all plus it gets great air flow..

It has done around 4 races to date with no problem.. I do know that if you have the two-core Fluidyne that it should be mounted horizontally or angled on the buggy and not vertical..

Z-YA Racing


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Hey Wayne, how are you? I put that same oil cooler on the race car a few races ago, it's a real nice unit. I used the rubber stud mount that you are talking about, then I ran a bolt thought another hole and jam-nutted it loose, so if the rubber mount breaks, the cooler won't bounce around. The rubber mounts were a little hard to tighten down, so I took of the locking nuts it came with and used regular nuts, then monkey snotted them. Have fun in Ridgecrest this weekend, and let me know what you see out there.


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Not sure but the upper radiator mnts. from a 97 ranger might work also. They are rubber with crush sleves. They held up on my truck even when I pushed the rad. into the fan. If you call Ford here are the specs: 4.0l , 2wd, 4 row rad. w/AC, manual trans. Rubber will save it if the area of the chassis you mount the cooler to gets tweaked a bit. Good luck!



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Thanks Tony & Eric & Tony for the reply

I got some grommets from a local electronics store, but they
looked too wimpy

So I was poking around the auto parts today,
I found a grommet called a "wiper moter mount".
Its a pretty stiff grommet with a steel sleave though it.
I had to increse the hole size in the cooler flange to 5/8"
They look like they will do the trick, They look
like they will have just enough squish to them to compensate
for any chassis flex,& the steel sleave allows me to snug
the assembly down tight.
Thanks again for the help.

Hey Tim!
We will be in Ridgecrest Saturday & Sunday
(depending on how Brads been feeling, he's been sick all week)
How is your car comming?
If there is anything i can help with from down here, let me know