Fnt vs Rr suspension Roll axis angle

De Ranged


I'm building up a 4wd race truck, the class I'm planing on entering is solid axle's front and rear.... so the same calculations I use on the rear axle apply up front

What I'd like to know is what happens with the Roll axis angle or more importantly how do I interperate it .... the direction of motion is reversed (links pushing instead of pulling) so to my thinking (and not discussed in any of my suspension books :rolleyes:)
How the roll axis slopes in relation to the direction of travel dictates if it is understeer/oversteer
heres a pic to show my piont

As it sits the links are pulling the rear axle and the slope of the roll axis angle is up at the front so oversteer... but if the links were pushing the axle the roll axis is down at the front so understeer.... Yes??

(Oh and incase he see's this awsome tool Triaged, hope you don't mind I've converted it to metric tho ;))

Cheers Reece