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For Sale class 9

* Chasis 100% Chromoly welded with Tig, some welded bases with Mig.

* Engine and Transmission Montes Top to the class.

* 300M Sway-Away rear bars with two races.
* Sway-Away front bars.
* MSD Distributor.
* 2 MSD boxes.
* 1 coil MSD AND 1 bosh.
* ProAm shifter.
*Spring Plates Sway-away.
* Kenwood 110 Wats Radio.
* Fule cell 22gal (Pyramid).
* Clutch kenedy
* CBR oil cooler.
* Intercom PCI.
* Lowrance Gps Series 500 Baja.
* VDO markers.
*SACO Ratio Beam Rack.
*hi-torque starter.
*front shox fox.
*rear shox King.

Additional features:
* Pair of rear tires for track.
* Pair of Mickey Tompson front tires.
* Two pairs of Yokohama rear tires 50% life.
* A set of plates.
* A set of 27mm bars.
* A pair of rear drums (Mexican)
* A led bar.

Price $13,000.00 Dls.

An extra transmission NEGOTIABLE.

The 9 are in San José Del Cabo, Baja California Sur. But i can put the car in the border.

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