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some thing needs to be done about the FOER SALE section its getting out of hand with all the rude comments and ive just about had enough at first its was funny now its just lame i dont even want to put stuff for sale on there for the fear that some one will talk crap on it and scare the rest of the potential buyers away, we need to have one here in 2.0, Klaus or John care to comment on this subject??or anyone else, How does the rest of the Dezert people feel?

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I have sold a lot of things on here and not had a problem. Price it accordingly and nobody will talk I failed spelling. The only time dumb comments are left is when somebody puts something up for an outrageous amount or it is worthless to this website and should not be put on a desert racing site. I feel the ads are good the way they are and I am happy they are available because I make some good change cleaning out the garage.


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I have had no problems selling stuff, only getting in touch with people that have stuff Im interested in. It seems that they vanish after placing on ad and dont email back-ever. I think for the most part it works great. People are smart and if its a good deal it will be sold before half the lame comments go up. Some sellers also need to get a clue selling things like a 5 year old banshee for $300 bucks less than you can buy a new one with gear and extras.come on !overpriced crap= crap talking I guess. If you have a for sale in this forum it might help people get in touch with sellers/buyers easier?



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your both right i the section works great for selling stuff, i just think that if we had a for sale section in this forum it would be nice, there is video game section so why not a for sale. plus if people want to leave crap in the comment section their name will go next to it letting people know who they are.

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Good point. A lot of the time when you get back to someone selling something they never e-mail you back, and too many people have too much to say, especially when their name doesn't go next to it.

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I agree that 95% percent of the comments are pretty applicable, some are retarded and should be disregarded, but if someone wants what your selling I don't think some seventh graders comments would deter them that much.


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I'm more than happy with the classified section. I bought some parts from someone this weekend and somebody was there to buy stuff too.

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all i can say is try not to be so sensitve..ur letting a some little 13 year old kid bother you..if some one really wants to buy somthing then they will email you!!