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Mark Newhan

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My brother, Chris, has developed a new ap.

Chris is an animator and works for Dreamworks. Prior to Dreamworks he worked for Nickelodeon. He was the lead animator on shows such as Penguins of Madagascar, the Wild Thornberrys and Planet Sheen. He did most of the character development on Penguins and received a total of 5 Emmys for his efforts.

Anyway, he was an avid fan of Ricky Johnson Jonny (O'show) Omara and all of the other prominent racers of the day. The interest in arguably the best era in SuperCross inspired this game....

Moto McSteed for iPhon/iPad and Android


Motocross is fast and rough so Moto McSteed is fast and rough.

Don't let the the cartoon graphics fool you. There is no motorcycle game physics like this on the app store. We've tried them all so we know. That's why we needed to make Moto McSteed. Most motocross games are about not crashing? Moto McSteed is about going fast.

So if you're tired of Platformers masquerading as racing games then this fast paced side scrolling off-road racing game is for you.

Race 54 challenging tracks on 3 different terrain styles (Plus more to come). You can race any track any time you want.

√ Realistic dirt bike performance and suspension.
√ Real motorcycle sounds.
√ Wheelie with horsepower like a real bike.
√ Lean controls with either accelerometer, buttons or both.
√ Race any of the 54 Tracks on 3 different terrain styles (Expansion Pack already in the works).
√ No platformer gimmicks. Just fast riding.
√ Made by people who actually ride and with an Emmy winning animator's eye.
√ Skim across the tops of monster whoops at the edge of control.
√ Start out on the fastest bike.
√ Unlock 5 more vehicles for a new experiences. (More coming)
√ Easily share your fast times on Twitter and Facebook.
√ Featuring characters and voices from McSteed TV
Moto McSteed is now available on Kindle Fire and Amazon Phone, too!

Slight correction to my bio: I didn't work on Wild Thornberrys and its 4 Emmys and 1 Annie.

Mark Newhan

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[QUOTE="Moto McSteed, post: 1626794

Slight correction to my bio: I didn't work on Wild Thornberrys and its 4 Emmys and 1 Annie.[/QUOTE]