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We just held our last meeting in Wellsboro before STPR(R) and there was bad news coming from the Pennsylvania Legislature. A bill has passed the PA Senate to reduce the DCNR funding by 19 million dollars. The proposal from DCNR on how to cope with this drastic reduction in funding includes eliminating all the forest rangers. That will basically end STPR(R) in the state forest as there will not be law enforcement there and the permits will be denied. This is according to a very good source among our contacts there.

Below is a copy of the Press release:

May 14, 2009 Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
Commonwealth News Bureau
Room 308, Main Capitol Building
Harrisburg, PA 17120

CONTACT: Christina Novak
(717) 772-9101

Families, Outdoor Enthusiasts Would Miss Out on Popular Destinations;
Businesses Relying on Visitors Will Suffer Millions in Losses

HARRISBURG – The millions of visitors who flock to Pennsylvania’s state parks and forests to relax and experience nature’s beauty would have fewer opportunities to do so under a budget plan that passed the Senate last week.
If enacted, Department of Conservation and Natural Resources acting Secretary John Quigley said the Senate proposal will force the agency to close at least 35 state parks and 1,000 miles of state forest roads, which would sharply reduce access for anglers, hunters and hikers.
Under Senate Bill 850, an additional $19 million would be cut from DCNR’s budget beyond the difficult but prudent reductions Governor Edward G. Rendell proposed in February.
“Families that cannot afford to take a vacation because of the tough economic times could always count on enjoying a little rest and relaxation at a nearby state park or forest,” said Quigley. “However, if the Senate’s budget proposal is enacted, there would be even fewer of those opportunities as we would have to close a number of state parks. That means less traffic and fewer dollars being spent in the rural communities with businesses and jobs that count on these parks and forests.
“The Senate’s proposal would be absolutely devastating to these rural areas and to our efforts to preserve our natural resources for present and future generations. In contrast, the Governor’s budget proposal reflects the difficult economy we now face and would still allow us to provide a quality outdoor experience for our citizens and visitors,” Quigley said, also noting that closing 35 state parks would turn away more than 3 million visitors and wipe out at least $57 million in visitor spending on products and services in nearby communities.
Many other programs that enhance a visitor’s experience at a state park or forest, protect natural resources, or help communities offer more recreational opportunities also would suffer under the Senate’s proposal. About 40,000 acres of forest would be vulnerable to gypsy moths because the department will not be able to apply treatments, while a program that offers one million tree seedlings for purchase by landowners would be eliminated. The seedling program helps protect watersheds, control soil erosion, reclaim former mining areas, and provide food and cover to wildlife.
In addition, DCNR would likely remove state forest rangers who serve as the primary contact for visitors and who promote safety and enforce the law on forestlands. Local governments and communities that depend on DCNR for important topographic, geologic and technical information, as well as help with 1,000 active grants for parks, trails and other recreational developments will receive less help under the Senate’s proposal.
Quigley also noted that the Senate’s plan does not restore funding for the department’s heritage tourism grants, despite repeated criticisms by the caucus when Governor Rendell made the difficult decision to cut the program.
Pennsylvania has 117 state parks and 2.1 million acres of state forests, including 3,000 miles of roads that provide access to the forests.

I urge you to write even if you are not a resident of Pennsylvania to any and all government officials you can to voice your dismay. If enough of Rally supporters write from all over the country and the world, perhaps we can save not only our sport in the US, but a small town that depends on the revenues we bring by "playing in the forest"

STPR will have copies of letters available at Registration, and will make sure they get mailed to the Governer's office. If you are coming, please take the time to sign one and put it in an envelope and drop it in the box. We will do the rest.

Thank You,

Meridith Croucher
Chair STPR(R) 2009


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have asked Meredith to put on the STPR's webiste a download form for people to sign and mail in....please do support to keep this rally has brought over $30,000 dollars plus to the comunity when this event happens in that community of Penns. Plus this closes any recreational areas for ATV's, motorcycles or any off-road events to happen.

Please DO suppport and petition this conitnue to take away what little we have left to enjoy while this country has so many problems. At least we can enjoy competing and/or enjoying somehow our weekends for at least awhile forgetting what is going on in this country.

Thank you.