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Ford 4x4 TTB Questions


In my ongoing Bronco project I've been trying to replace the weak links in the drivetrain before I dive into tube work. I know that almost all Ford 1/2 ton fullsize 4x4 vehicles from the late 60's until the mid 90's use the 19-spline front axleshafts and hubs. Since this is basically a Dana 44 front end, is it possible to Frankenstein parts from other Dana 44 type frontends? I'd like to use a 30-spline axleshaft and hub from another application if possible. Another question involves the inner shafts and u-joints... does anyone have any recommendations on replacements? The joints in there now are just about seized and must be replaced no matter what happens with the axles. This vehicle will never have more than 450hp but will be beat like a red headed stepchild out in the wilds of Mexico - blowing up axles is not a pleasant thought. Any 4x4 TTB Ford owners out there with any advice on beefing up the TTB? Here's one more crazy idea... since the stock beams are being seriously reworked... how about replacing the Dana 44 with a Ford 9" ? I'll take strength over weight any day - it's a prerunner and not a racer.

Any ideas and suggestions are encouraged. Thanks!


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If I were you, I would call or e mail Doug Fortin jr. He has all of ashley's old class 4 stuff on the front
of his bronco prerunner. I don't know what the internals are, but the thing works well and seems to be bulletproof. I like your idea of the 9"...I'm sure it can be done if you have the $$$. good luck.

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Do you know his e-mail? Anyone have any pictures of his Bronco... or maybe somewhere on the web? Thanks.