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John Bitting

With the new CEO at FORD being an environmentalist do you think this will affect the money that ford gives to BITD for the stock classes?? What about teams that have FORD sponsorship? Should be interesting..


Give it enough time and I think the $ will slowly by bugeted out of the dez!



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I dont know, maybe in 2003 at the soonest, but I know ford is putting up some huge money for the nevada 1000 next year. Even more than normal, so they are locked in for the 2002 season. The thing that amazes me is that the money ford puts up in BITD seems like a lot to us, but to them it really is like losing a penny, it affects them none.


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They really are making money in the fact that so many people are racing Ford trucks just because of the Ford BITD $$$. If I was going to build a truck it would be a Ford just because of that. I wish other factories would get back into Off Road Racing.