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John Bitting

I am looking into Purchasing a 96 fullsize bronco. I want to put some radius arms on it, new coil bucket, bypass shock, Deavers in the rear with a bypass shock.. Would it be more feasible to coilover the front end versus keeping the coil, airbump and bypass, I want to keep the 4x4?? Who makes parts for these, I know Autofab and Camburg does, does anyone know who else and how much the parts runs, you can e-mail me personally thank you...


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In my opinion I would go with coilovers. I had,on my first ranger, extended radius arms and a 2.5 saw bypass 8" with a bucket. It worked pretty good, but I think I would have been better off just getting coilovers. For about the same price I think it would have worked a lot better. With coilovers your front will work better than the back, also down the road if you link the rear just add a bypass up front. My ranger is getting coilovers put on this week, so I will let you know what felt better the bypasses on my first ranger or the coilovers on the ranger I have now. I was gonna post picture of first ranger but the file was too big barely.




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John we have a full line for the Broncos. Call me at the shop... I'll hook you up.


John Bitting

Thanks for the suggestions and all the e-mails I recieved, I know I can always count on RDC readers to stir me in the right direction.. Pick up the bronco hopefully early next week and then off to the shop for some beams and bypasses, Stay tuned for the build up feature here on


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Hey John, The Question is????? 5 point harnesses on the baby seat????? Off-road minds wanna know...... Late


A Bronco eh? Style bandit... I've already spent $10,000 on my damn Bronco and it's still not even ready for the street. Here's a question for ya - are you going to run wider front beams?

I've thrown up a few posts on here regarding Ford Bronco questions... still looking for a few answers. Anyone know of a website that has a listing of interchangable Ford parts? I'm looking to ditch the single piston front calipers on my own 83' Bronco. I read somewhere that it's easy to use F-250 brake components to replace the master cylinder and such, but what about calipers and rotors?

John - If you get a chance, take a look at some of the already built Broncos out there, "Rancho" Dave Simpson has a pretty mild Bronco with custom front buckets and Lightning Rods, the damn thing looks low buck by todays standards, but it really does handle pretty awesome.

Kreg - question for you... with properly setup front coilovers on a 4x4 Bronco, can I control the gnarly body roll I've seen in some other coil'd Broncs?


John Bitting

A couple of years on those Steve but this will work for my oldest Daughter now...

Jeff stock modified beams, no wider, I have so many answers and Bronco tricks now. I am actually buying a 1996, cleanest one I have ever seen before. That is why I am staying very mild. It will be for cruising around the races with my family with a nice plush ride and I will drive it to work until I sell my Chevy and buy another vehicle.

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If you guys could email me some pics of Bronco's that would be great. I have a '93 and I keep thinking about selling it but then again if I got some good pics I just might want to start building on it. Or I could sell it get an F-150 and........


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Gary Turners(GT Bikes) had his Bronco featured a while back in DIRTPILOT. Its candy apple blue, pretty stealth looking. A few things were done to it thru Donahoe Racing, and LeDuc.
The only bad thing about that style Bronco is its 2 door and with kids 4 doors is easier to load stuff..
my Explorer works great for the family stuff..