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Ford F-150/Bronco Frontend Upgrades


I'd like to upgrade the stock single piston front calipers on my 83' Bronco... I've looked at a few late model trucks and it looks like it will work... before I go to a junkyard and start ripping and tearing, does anyone have any suggestions for a donor vehicle? I'm also wondering if anyone has upgraded their front axleshafts on their 4x4 TTB Dana 44? I'd like to swap out the stock 19-spline outer shafts for something stronger. If anyone has done this, what hubs should I run?

Everyone up until now has told me to go with an all new brake system... I thought about spending the $$$ on an aftermarket big-brake upgrade - too much $$$ right now - maybe later. Any help is appreciated.


I did the same on my Mustang 5.0
I changed to a Lincoln front caliber. (same as the old SVO) from 60something mm to 73mm.
I did not change the master so the pedal needs to be moved a little bit more, BUT you have more control. I can now lock the brakes at any speed all day long.

I am sure you could do the same on your Bronco. Use some other Ford Family caliber as a budget brake upgrade.