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Just thought i'd post this up here so everyone who needs a reference can download this. It has all the whole electrical system on it, the vacuum circuit on it, where all the electrical components are on the vehicle (pictures), where all the connectors & splices are.It even has the mighty 7.3.l diesel stuff in it,lol. Im slowly removing all the overly complicated stuff on my 97 150 to make it less likely to short out. Its super time consuming but worth it when you know the air bag wont go off in your face when off roading.

1997-2003 Ford F-150 Shop Repair Manual.zip


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For anyone who is playing with their f150 wiring I thought I'd add this info in hopes it helps other when wiring the wiper circuit. Below is the wiring for the wiper motor & a diagram for a Cole Hersee wiper switch. It is super easy to wire in & works well. Also, I am using the Bussman power relay for my radiator fans.


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Fuel tank pressure sensor bypass:
For those that have a fuel cell & dont want to spend the money on a tune just to get rid of the smog crap here is an easy way to keep the code from popping up. Just take a canister (I used a K&N aerosol can) use a whole saw bit to cut the hole & silicone the sensor to it. It will trick the ECM into thinking it is inside of the tank. If you want to go the extra step you can wire in a resistor & do away with the fuel tank pressure sensor all together. You will need to amp check the 12volt wire then check the voltage going back to the ECM. I believe the computer wants to see 11.75 volts signal return so finding the corresponding resistor is not that hard. If I spend the time doing this I will post up the correct resistor with the part# so others can benefit. For now I just have my K&N can next to my vacuum reservoir.

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So I thought i'd take a pic of how I did my vacuum reservoir. I am using the stock AC & heater which is activated by vacuum. The stock vacuum reservoir is ugly so I made one out of ABS from Home Depot. I dont think it looks bad & does the trick. Also in the pic is where the ECM will live. I dont want it coming thru the fender well area getting roosted on, lol. Its not completed but you get the idea:


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The file is password protected. Any chance you can provide the password to a fella in need?

Send a PM to the OP for better response. Good luck!