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Ford Fiberglass Update


I'm getting ready to update the old 1983 look of my Bronco to the not quite as old 96 look. I've heard about and have seen a few Broncos with the updated glass. It looks like some have even retained the stock core support. I've heard that L-brackets are available from Ford that help mount the 96 style plastic grill support and grill to the older cores. Anyone familiar with this?

Anyone out there just ditch the old core support and fab up a tubular replacement? Was it worth the time? I'd like to NOT waste time re-inventing the wheel if I don't have to.

Any pictures?



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you can order the parts from ford and they are very cheap cuz they are just stamped steel crap. If you know how it all goes together it would be best just to make your own brackets and make them a little beefier. I upgraded to a 96 front end on my f150 and it all fits with the old core support except i'm not sure about the hood latch because I got a fiberglass hood with pins. but if you go to ford have them print you out the exploded view of the 96 front end and you can just pick out the parts you need and it may help when you assemble it also.

good luck!


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