Ford M151-LC Desert Racer Project pictures


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My wife snapped these pictures of me putting the fron leaf springs and axel under the Mutt.

Tommorow when the sun comes up I will post some pictures of the completed instaltion.

All my work has paid off and she is going together fast now.

We had so much rain here it was impossible to get out and get any work done the past month since the warmer weather decided to show up.

Once I get the axels mouted I will give this dusty Mutt a nice cleaning with the hose and some good soap...LOL

We live on a dirt road so everytime a car or truck blows by we get all dusted out in the driveway.

OK Pictures...LOL

The glass in this M151 windshield frame is solid like a A2 is.

I was going to place a A2 windshield frame on the LC project but a buddy of mine gave me the frame.

I just traded for a nice M151 frame and this glass will go right in to it.

Cherry picking the front end of the mutt to get just the right height to mount the axel to the leaf springs.

Bolting the leaf springs to the new Steel version of a Wrangler front bumper. Nate and I made this bumper one after noon last fall and decided it would look better on the M151-LC then on our 1952 M38A1.

It ties the front end of the uni-frame in real tight and also acts as mounts for the leaf springs.