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Ford Prerunners


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Keith. both those trucks in your pics look better in offroad magazine. Congrats! If I remember right your build came at a pretty high cost....was it worth it? Haha!


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That is a nice truck. I have the issue of Off-Road mag that has an article of your truck the only thing I didn't like was that they didn't include spec like track width and wheel travel
Surprised that wasn't in there. Wheel travel measured at the center of the tire is 20" front, and 18" rear. Thought I has the track width written down somewhere, but I cant find it. If Keith doesn't chime in I'll try and measure it tomorrow for you.


Keith S

Thanks for the comments, Wheel travel was measured at the king pin, and is 19". The rear is 18", and the track width is 89"front, and 88 rear.



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Damn well I havent been on here in forever!!! LIke how this thread stayed alive! Alot of good looking trucks. Irmember a few of these trucks in magazines not to long ago and I had them on my walls in my room. jajaja My truck is still at the same spot but it looks like it will be getting some add ons hopefully coming up soon.


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Ohh and Im lovin all the old school square body prerunners!!! Look way sick. I have always like those years. Im planing on getting that style for the tow truck when its time for one. F250 with the 7.3 best towing motor in my opinion and I just like the older body style!! The price might also have something to do with it jajaja

B Hansen

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My project
Love your truck Keith, ever since I saw you start version 1 of the front suspension. Nice to see it finally in the dirt! I still want a set of those beams for my truck, I will be in touch :)

- Brian


my ford prerunners

1997 f250HD "prerunner", 460, C&T D50TTB. converted from a leaf sprung D50ttb. it has 2.5/12 King coilovers, progressive leaf pack in the rear. fiberwerks glass. i built everything myself.

IMAG0071 (640x427).jpgIMAG0067 (640x427).jpgIMAG0068 (640x427).jpg

and my 2000 f150 v6 5 speed, with 2.0/10 king coilovers fabtech extended a-arm kit (i think). this is my daily driver needs a lot of work, but gets about 20mpg as opposed to my f250 that gets about 6.
IMAG0054 (640x427).jpg
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Michael Myers

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Can someone help me. Im 18 and want to build my first prerunner. Im getting a 00 or an 01 ranger soon and wanted to know what to do to get started. All that I know i need is huge coilover'd shocks and fiberglass side panels. Please educate me. I want to build it street legal.


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That is a badazz ranger, love everything about it.


Still is John Swifts.


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The red truck came out great! I helped George start tearing it down a couple years ago... Really glad to see it back together! How's the black single cab?


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Beautiful work - it's been a few years since I've seen your trucks. Can you give us some specs on the Ranger? V8-powered, I assume. Were any of your Rangers prerunners for the race team back in the Rough Riders days?

Todd Z.


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My Canadian Prerunner:
-96 F-150
-351 windsor
-1356 Bronco T-case (for the bolt on yoke and cv shaft)
-Baja North Race beams and radius arms
-Giant Motorsports 64" spring kit
-3" 3 tube King bypasses in the rear
-2.5" King coil overs in the front with a 2.5" 3 tube King bypass
-Fox bump stops
-Twisted Stitch seats
-Mastercraft Harnesses
-Full 2" DOM cage
-Walker Evans Beadlocks



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Canadian prerunner is badazz!! I drove through Kamloops last summer to ride bikes at Sun Peaks. Was wanting
to go offroading instead!!!

The red truck was built by Curt Leduc. George Krieder redid some things on the truck for a few years, Roper Fab finished it up.
Engine is 351w/C6, Bilstein Shocks.

The other prerunner was my dads 7sx truck originally(not Rough Riders). Also Curt Leduc built