Ford steering knuckle removal?????


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Help!! It's 10:30PM and I'm pulling my hair out!! I know I'm doing this backwards but I'll do a search when I'm done typing.

Here's my problem. I'm replacing ball joints on my '92 Exploder on both sides. I've got everything off and I'm at the point in the book where it says "hit the steering knuckle close to both the upper and lower ball joints to break it loose from the housing" I'm absolutely 100% positive that I've removed everything and the only thing that is still on is the lower ball joint nut but it's loose and positioned flush with the end of the stud for pounding purposes with 1/8" gap under it. I've beat the hell outta the knuckles on both sides and can't get them to budge!!! Any tricks to getting them to pop loose. All that's holding them is the stupid taper and I can't get it to let go. I'm going to bed and plan on pounding harder in the morning so any replys would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!

Anyone close to Ramona that knows how to do this I'll by the beer if you can pop off my damn steering knuckles Sat morning!!! PM me with a phone #, I'll check it tomorrow mornign around 8:30!!! Hell, it's worth a try right!!

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I told you that you should just go to the sand blast with me. Did you get this done? If not I will help you this week.

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