Ford trans for chase truck??


Well, it's time to get my trans gone through (2001 F-150 4.6ltr, RWD). If I have to pull it I might as well have it upgraded. I want to go to a manual valve body and replace any of the OEM stuff that will keep it reliable and running strong in Baja. This isn't a prerunner and only tows a Rhino every once in a while.

Happy to buy new and trade in the core if the price is right too.

Who do you use?

Alex Paterson

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I had the 4r70w redone in my f150 this year and went with a mild build on it. I don't need to go full manual.

I ended up replacing some of the spring plates in the clutches with additional friction plates which should allow better hold and longer life. The spring plates just soften the shift. I also went with an Art Carr shifter that I can shift manually between 1 and 2 or stick it into third which is back to auto. I mounted a push button to switch between overdrive. I also had some valve work done but couldn't tell you what was done as I would have to refresh my memory with the trans guy.

So far it works great with good firm shifts and the abilty to shift manually is beneficial but being able to stick it in drive is handy to.