Forest creasy class 9 for sale


I am selling my complete class 9 car spares and everything. Last raced the entire 2015 Snore racing series. Finished every race except the Rage at the river due to a broken axle. Car has the followIng. Single seat chromoly chassis, dual port recently refreshed 1600 with compufire fat carb and all the fast stuff. Transmission has chromoly axles aftermarket 3-4 superdiff chromoly input shaft and a host of other 3-4 gears
As spares if u like. Fox 2.5 rears with only 4 races on them amd front 2.0 position senstive front shocks. Front beam arms n spindles are cracked checked with only 4 races on them. Saco king kong steering rack jamar shifter. External oil cooler 16 gallon fuel cell behind seat optima battery 300m torsion bars and chromoly
Springplates. 6 rear yokohomas 3 front highway style 2 front short course 4 rear short course 10 total steel wheels and inner tubes. 1 set of kc hid lites 1 set kc 100 watt 6" roUnd lites. Lots of spares including extra front arms and spindles front and rear brake drums.

I need to sell due to move into a smaller house. Car has always been competitive with a win at the 2015 Snore battle at primm. 2nd at ridgecrest caliente and 4th at lucrene and arizona. Car 905 the Mach 5 Motorsports black painted car. Please email me at to discuss. I am located in sacramento. I am asking $4200 for car and all the spares. I am willing to piece out for the right deal
As well. Thank you


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HeII of a deal. Should not have to hold on to that very long.


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Putting the entire car on the market. Will be sold race ready and prepped.

Single seat swinger. Cage is all chromoly and built to SCORE specs. PRP seat and belts on sliding mount. Saco magnum rack, custom front beam, Fox position sensitive front shocks with resi’s. Car will come with Yokohama tires on the front.

Rear suspension has 2.5 IBP Fox shocks with fresh service. Brand new Kartek limit straps. 300m torsion bars and King Kong torsion adjuster.

Trans is fresh with 0 mile rebuild on it. All the best parts. Weddle everything possible within the rules, Rhino case, chromoly axle tubes, billet diff.

Can’t tell you too much about the motor other than it scoots. I’ll give the information to the buyer of the car but there is secret stuff in there. All legal.

Comms package goes with car. Vertex radio, single seat harness with ptt, and parker pumper.

Car is built to run up front. Has won BAP. Sorted, dialed car that is a top contender at every race. Spares go with car as well.

Spares included: 1 front limit strap, 4 rear limit straps, rear bump stops, 1 pair of ball joint spindles, 1 pair of front backing plates, torsion fingers, brake hoses, slave cylinders, 1 chromoly spring plate, 1 chromoly axle tube assembly, 1 spare 26mm torsion bar, 1 chromoly tie rod, swingaxle boot, 1 stock axle, set of front arms, throttle cables, clutch lines, oil filter, breather filter, and other small stuff. Everything is boxed and ready to go.

In car from BAP
$8000. Only trade I’m interested in is your cash (or gold) for my car.