Former Miss Mint In The News...

Mike @ pit b

Body shaming when half of hers was surgically enhanced.


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After being busted she said "I apologize for the photo I accidentally posted"

What a lame azz, she didn't accidentally post it! She thought it would be funny, and it slightly is (don't hate me), but at the same time wrong! Sure would be nice if people would just man up and admit they did wrong. Did her finger slip and touch the "make this "funny" picture and post it to Snapchat button"? No, she made the picture and purposely posted it, got busted, and then back tracks and calls it an accident and claims she is sorry and needs to take some time to "reflect on my actions" Well, if it was truly an "accident" then there is no need to reflect on your actions. I am surprised she didn't pull a Hillary and say that since her "intent" with the picture was nothing more than an attempt at being funny then it is alright and we just need to drop it and forget about it and all the other dumb things she has done and vote for her. Oops, got a little sidetracked there. But you get the point.