Fortin 5 speed H pattern VS Mendi S5 VS Fortin FR6


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Hey Guys,

I am buying a transmission in next few weeks, been asking around like crazy, haven't really got a overwhelming response other than "go sequential for sure". So here are my options. Looking for best bang for the buck including initial purchase price, reliability, and cost to maintain. Will be going in a class 10 car that we will be having fun with 5,000 miles a year, prerunning a few races, and racing twice a year in MORE/SNORE.

Car is tabbed for Fortin, and I have 3 sets of axles cut to match width of fortin, and have seq. shifter already installed.

Option 1: Used Fortin 5 speed H pattern. Pros: same mounting holes, and axles as currently set up for, less cost up front. approx. $13,000 w/ gears to match my setup

Option 2: New Mendeola S5: Pros @ $13,500 can't beat the price. Cons: will have to build new mounts, it may move engine requiring more fab, may have to get all new axles

Option 3: New FRS: $27,000 Pros: don't have to change anything on car, already set up for it. Cons, price.


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I guess I should ask Adam since he's the one who will be rebuilding it.

McCredie A

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5-speed H pattern, half the price. Put the other money towards finishing the car. You will be out in the desert sooner and still have a nice car. "ALPHA MALE!!!"


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I'm all for saving money but the sequential is pretty nice.We just changed ours over from the Fortin H pattern to the S5.Yes you have to do the mounts for trans & motor but only had to trim the axles down 1/4". I would guess it would be the same in your car. The S5 really changed the car,seemed to wake me and it up!

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