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Fortin FRS6 puking and hard shifting.


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I'm running a FRS 6 mated to a turbo rotary engine. It's redlined to 8000RPM but I'll shift around 7000 RPM. It's puking redline from the breather. Approximately a quart every racing hour.

I've increased the size of the breather line from -6 to -8 and the box fitting to suit, however this appears to have done little if anything to the puking issue.

In addition I've noted in the last few laps of the last short course that it's becoming harder to shift. Specifically that I attempt a shift however the box sometimes won't select the next gear. I suspect that it's simply running low on oil and this is creating drag on the sequential drum (given that it's puking out a reasonable amount). My question is can I simply refill it, or will I have to tear it down (it's currently had two racing hours on it since a full rebuild from Fortin).


You should talk to Fortin about what's happening and see what they say. Just my .02¢


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If you could send pictures of how the transmission is plumbed for oil circulation, that would be helpful. jerry@fortinracing.com


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Are you there Redmist? I suspect you have something plumbed incorrectly.