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Hey guys, I'm new to the forum and also new to these trucks. I have always been a car guy and currently own a 98 Camaro Z28. I have an 09 GMC Sierra that is about to be paid off and I've been wanting to do a pre runner build for about 5 years. Where I live you don't see trucks built for sand very often, mostly big lifted 4x4's. What would be a good starting point for a pre runner type build? My truck is a Sierra Hybrid, and ill be removing that crap as soon as its paid off, it does come with an aluminum block 6.0 which I think is a good starting point for the power plant. I'm completely new to the suspension area, I've researched some but not enough to make a smart purchase for anything suspension related. Can anyone make some suggestions on a quality suspension build? Its something that will be 85% street driving and 15% sand driving since it will still be my daily driver. I appreciate any help and advice I could get, I don't plan on it being a dedicated or serious racer but I'd like to be able to take it off road and not worry about it breaking on me.

EDIT: It is a 2wd truck, just wanted to clarify that.