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Motion Picture Grip,Local 80.Been doing this for almost 10 years and before that did high rigging on rock and roll tours.


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Predictive Maintenance Manager for ThyssnKrupp - Waupaca Foundry in Marinette, WI. Primarily, I do vibration analysis, infrared thermal imagaing, motor circuit analysis, ultra sonic leak detection, and oil analysis. Not yet a six sigma though.

Devin J

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Parts guy in the diesel truck / heavy equipment industry. I sell alot of cummins engine parts - from dodge pickup to locomotive engines.


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Communication tech for the County of Riverside. Spend most of my time working on the countywide 800mhz radio system for the Sheriff Dept.


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Full time Engineer/Paramedic at Bullhead City Fire Dept, part time motorsport artist for the family side business "Racers Only".


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Enterprise rent a car in glendora CA. If any of you need a rental let me know and I can make sure it is the best price around. Sorry its not legal to tow with our trucks!


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shop foreman at ac racing.


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Electronic Technician for Raytheon Aerospace at the National Traning Center


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Residential Building Inspector for the city of Los Angeles for 21 fun-filled, mind-numbing years. .

And I haven't strangled or bitten a co-worker yet.


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i deliver highly flexible supermoleculaer fused air and plastic and other stuff in a supersonic boxvan

haha, i deliver milguard vinyl windows from my parents company here in hesperia, if you get passed by a white boxvan in the highdesert doin about 90 just honk, im in the passenger seat readin the g.p.s. :eek: just kidding, its a year 2000 mapbook


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Overworked, underpaid, un-appreciated, lowly government lawyer drowning in paper work....