Fox 11 News

John Bitting

Did anyone catch the 10:00 news last night on fox11 they had a ranger with some Camburg radius arms and the kid was beating the hell out of it. It was a promotion type thing for the Speed Sports Expo it was real fast but good to see on local tv.


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FOX 11 news also has Lisa Joyner, one of the hottest women on earth. Last week she did a segment about how to bargain shop for shoes at the mall. I was spellbound.


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I saw a story they did Saturday night about Gorman that had a ranger Jumping, an F-250 rock crawling and also a Playtech sand rail testing. it was pretty cool. The kid was thrashing his ranger. It was funny when in the end the kid locked the breaks up in the air on his last jump and was bouncing everywhere.