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Fox 2.5 Factory Series 2016 Improvements


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Fox has made some really nice improvements to the 2.5 Factory Series coilovers and I finally got a chance to update the Fox 2.5 Coilover Comparison - Factory vs Performance Series article which shows detailed pictures of the new Factory Series internals.

2016 Fox 2.5 Factory Series Changes:
New 9 hole piston
New wear band made from better materials (friction & durability)
Added wear band pre-load o-ring
New Aluminum Reservoir (new ID size)
New Low Weight IFP

Easier to install Factory Series Piston in Performance Series shocks (VERY POPULAR Upgrade!!!)
Improved rebound loads for easier tuning
Lower friction
Lighter weight

It's nice to Fox continually improving their product lines, good stuff!


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Yeah, it's nice. All of the improvements are great, you can tell it was all well thought out.

Dirtracer 619

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I wonder if older 2.5's can be fitted with the new piston

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