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On Topic Fox air shock vs air bag


Would a fox air shock be able to be used as a load leveler type of device in place of an air bag?

Thought is to have something that travels with the suspension but can be pumped up if a load was being hauled.

This would be on a vehicle with a link type suspension.

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Yes, Steve Wolcott's blazer that we used to mark the SCORE courses had AS on the Hemet arms. Get a bunch of weight in there and pump them up, worked well.

My personal feelings is that that would have been better with a slapper set-up. More of a ratio increase from ride height to bump than with them mounted to the arm.


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Bottom of shock not attached to trailing arm. It's attached to it's own little A-arm that locates the bottom of the shock on the trailing arm. This lets you run a 10" shock directly over the axle but still have full droop #'s.

On a buggy, but you get the idea.