Frame rails vs Back-Half


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If you 4-Link the rear-end.... of a full-size truck, what are the Pro's and Con's of keeping the frame or getting rid of it ??????? Submit your posts Thanks


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pro lesser amount of work
con less wheel travel available


- users no longer part of the rdc family -
pro-still race class 8
con-sits "stink-bug", less travel, higher center of gravity


- users no longer part of the rdc family -
Frame rail Pro: Less $$$$$
Frame rail con: Less Travel

No rails Pro: More Travel
No rails con: More $$$$$

Frame = Less
No Frame = More



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Depends on what truck? If your using a JEEP J10 frame, it already hes about a 10" kick in it if you add a c-chanel to that, you can't get much lower.


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if you EVER plan on racing it (or selling it for that matter, class legal trucks are easier to sell) then leave the frame rails. If it's going to be a fun car or you're just going to race every once in a while with small organizations, you could probably get away with the rear tubular