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Jun 6, 2017
Los Angeles
american company??? you sure about that??? the tires are made in taiwan, which is fine......but you seem to be advertising that they are made in america.....

You are correct that The tires are made in the federal factory in Taiwan. Like generals, coopers, Dunlop... etc. here’s my mold I want such and such compound, use this process l... what I intended with my statement is that the company is American owned and operated. The tires are designed in Texas and the headquarters are in lllinois. Good bunch of people and supporters of the sport. Anyone who sent me info, I passed it along to their head of Marketing and sponsorship. He will reach out.

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Jan 31, 2014
please explain where i "bagged" on the product???? i dont know anything about the tires, ive never heard of them......cool that they are getting involved with the sport if they are.......please post who is going to be running them, thanx
ok maybe I misunderstood you.

"if you dont beat anyone it is NOT a WIN......sorry..."

the OP was about a new tire manufacture wanting to give away free tires to get their product to an intended market. while I understand your claim that racing in a class solo "taints" a victory...….it doesn't take away from the fact that these tires have been used with some success. its also been pointed out these tires, while an American company are Asian made. does anybody here understand the beloved BFG tire really only exists in name? BFG was sold to Michelin around 1989 and is a French owned company. I don't know where they made but do know Michelin has plants all over the world including Asia.