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free at last.. from the goofy posters....


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nice to be here and be able to express an opinion with out being lynched

blow six engines...build seven...


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Aaron, are you going to race in nevada next week?

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I'm sure there will still be plenty of post's that will upset some people but over all I think this format will be much better over all and far more professional from the stand point that the user's will feel some sense of responsibility for there remarks.



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we got the 55, now a 57. running last week....but with the old motor.
i have the new one to put in but i need some help.everyone has the flu and i am busy putting the new motor for the blazer together....


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Jim, if you work on it after Ridgecrest, my Dad and I would love to give you a hand. We've really got our hands full getting the baja ready for Ridgecrest. You may remeber my Dad and I from the OCD clean-up. We spent a hour or so together before it started talking about Indy and the old NOVI's. Let us know, or see you in Ridgecrest.